About Poppins Pet


“Poppins Pet” Pet sitting Service is located in Tokyo, Nerima.
Poppins Pet offers individualized and loving care catered to your personalized needs.
Services are provided for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds…or any other small animals except reptiles(sorry…)
Poppins Pet serves Nerima, Toshimaen and surrounding area.
Please give us a call or E-mail us through our contact page(お問い合わせ) to discuss your particular needs.

Poppins Pet’s Mission: Give you peace of mind by allowing your animals to stay in the comfort of their own home which makes them happy and safe as receiving the care they need.

Services and Fees

1. Free Meet N’ Greet
If you are a first-time customer, we would like to meet you personally to discuss pet and home care details for free.
The main purpose of this meeting is to get to know your home pet care details which requires some time.
If you want, it is possible to get the pet information form in advance. Fill in the form, send it to Poppins Pet by mail , fax or post, or we can come and pick it up before the meeting.
That will save a lot of time for you and for us at the meeting.
Payment is due prior to or upon arrival of the first visit.

2. Pet Sitting Fees (tax included)

  One hour Pet sitting Dog walking(20 to 30 minutes)
1 small dog(10kg)       ¥ 2,000

                     ¥ 1,000

2nd dog

       ¥ 1,000

                     ¥    500

1middle size dog(~20kg)

         ¥ 2,500

                      ¥ 1,500

    2nd dog~

         ¥ 1,500

                     ¥  1,000

1 large dog(30kg)

         ¥ 3,000


    2nd dog~

         ¥ 2,000


1 to 2 cats

         ¥ 2,000


              3rd cat

       ¥  500  

1 caged small animal

         ¥ 1,500


    2nd cage~

        ¥  500  

・Total fee depends on the number of times you would like to have the services.
For example, if you have one small dog and 3 cats, for pet sitting 5 times(in 3 days), the fee will be,

(¥2000+¥2000+¥500)× 5=¥22,500

3. Services include

・Fresh water, feeding and litter box cleaning
・Exercise or walk (if requested)
・Administering medications(if requested)
・In additional to pet care, we can water your plants, bring in the mail, and take out the trash or so on.(if requested)


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